Calculate of railway freight in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries

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CTM LLC, a company that develops special software for rail transport and external economic activity, was established in St. Petersburg in 1995. The Company’s small team, staffed by graduates of leading Russian universities, worked on creating programs to automate interactions between rail and customs.

Currently, CTM has over 120 specialists working on software development, implementation and support. Today CTM is a leader in the development and support of special software in the following directions:

  • Rail industry software;
  • Unique calculation systems for rail transfers;
  • Multipurpose software for external economic activity

CTM has a developed territorial structure with the Main Office in St. Petersburg, a branch in Moscow and an extensive dealership network throughout all of Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic states and Central Europe.

CTM software products are used by railway vehicle operators, dispatchers, cargo owners, businesses that use rail services, employees of railway administrations and their branches and etc. In total there are over 14,700 companies and about 16,400 end users in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and several European countries.

CTM clients receive comprehensive maintenance and support for their software products. Any client can receive a consultation both on questions relating to work with programs and general questions on external economic activity, transport logistics and customs documentation.

Years of serious work in the field of software development have allowed CTM to become an industry leader, offering unique, innovative solutions. Since 2000, CTM is a partner and official developer of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. The Company’s software products are deservedly ranked on par with large international companies and organizations and the VED-info electronic directory has been installed in the WTO headquarters in Brussels.

The Company has been honored with the “Russian National Olympus” prize by the Russian Government and Academy of Sciences in the “Outstanding Small and Middle Sized Business” nomination and the international prize “For contributing to strengthening Russia’s competitive ability”.

CTM partnership:

  • Since 2007, CTM holds the status of Associate Partner of the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD);
  • It holds the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner;
  • It holds the status of Silver Business Partner of Alladin Software Security R.D.;
  • And is a partner of Jerid, a Czech company which is a leading European rail transport software developer.